Snagshout Shopper FAQ

Want to sell on Snagshout? Try the Merchant FAQ.

How It Works

How do I Snag a deal?

  1. Sign up for a Shopper account

  2. Confirm your email

  3. Verify your phone number with the code you received. (We now require 2FA - 2 Factor Authentication. This means that you will need access to your cell phone when you log into your Snagshout account, so you can receive an authorization code. This is to help keep your account secure, and prevents unauthorized use of your account)

  4. Pick your deal! Just click the "Snag It” button on the product page.

  • For promo codes, you can just apply the code on Amazon when you check out.

  • For cash back deals deals, you will need to forward the receipt from Amazon (and provide the action required if there is one)


Cash back

  1. Snag the cash back deal, and pay for the full price on Amazon.

  2. Once the order is processed, go to your  Orders > View Order > Confirm Order.  Forward the confirmation email from Amazon to the email address shown in the box. You have 1 hour to do this otherwise the cash back will expire


When will I be paid after snagging a cash back deal?

Starting August 2023, rebates are not automatically cashed out. All cashbacks will be sent to your Snagshout wallet after the order has been approved. 

For non-action rebates, the auto-approval is 35 days after your order has been confirmed. For Action cash back deals, the order can be approved either within 35 days of your order confirmation, or 14 days after your Action was completed (whichever is later). Note that if you resubmit or update your submission, the 14-day countdown starts over. 

You can get the cashback earlier if the seller manually approved the rebate order on their end.


What does “Payable” mean?

After successfully confirming a cashback deal, the rebate order status will go to “pending payment” status. After completing all the requirements (if required), and the order has been approved, the order status will change to “payable” meaning, your cashback is available in your Snagshout wallet. After the payment has been processed, that is the time when the order will be “completed”.


The Snagshout Wallet

Ensure that you are logged in to to use the wallet. If you are logged in to, please log out and log back in.

You will have a couple of options to get your cashbacks, you can either use gift/prepaid cards/Visa or still request for payment using PayPal/Venmo but there will be a 5% fee and your wallet should reach the minimum amount for withdrawal which is $30. 


How should I use my coupon?

We always recommend using one promotional code per order on a separate cart. Most codes are designed to override others, so combining them in one order may not give you the full discount. Be sure to review the full listing for any potential restrictions on the offering.


Why does Snagshout ask shoppers to link their profiles?

Snagshout encourages shoppers to link their online profiles. By linking profiles, we can ensure that the best shoppers get access to deals first. This also helps prevent fraud and helps protect our merchants.


Can I snag a deal I’ve received before? Can I use the code to buy multiple items?

In accordance with our Terms of Service, you may only snag a deal once, and you may only use that promotional code to purchase ONE of the item. Should we find that you are not following these rules, we reserve the right to suspend your account.


Amazon clips/coupons are included in the product listing, can I clip the discount and use the code at the same time?

There are some Snagshout promo code and cashback deals that include Amazon coupons with the offer.

Please make sure to check the product title and description before Snagging deals. We ask sellers to indicate in their product title and description if they added an Amazon clip as part of their discount offer. If there is no instruction to clip the Amazon coupon, we suggest you contact us first so we can communicate with the seller and avoid getting disputes.

If the codes will not provide the correct amount, or the pricing is different than what is advertised on Snagshout, please do not proceed with the purchase and contact us at 

Sometimes, sellers make miscalculations when creating deals, or the retail price changes on the marketplace. We do not reimburse the discrepancy or the difference with the amount.


When will my snags be back on my account?

Everyone will have a snag limit of 5 that will refresh once a week, your day of the week is different for other users. Also, you will now get text reminders that you have a snag available (it will trigger once per day and send out to any users that have signed up or snagged anything in the last 30 days, it will only send to users on their snag refresh day though so basically users will get a text reminder once per week). If you signed up over 30 days ago and haven't snagged anything in over 30 days you won't get any text reminders.


Why are there snag limits?

We noticed a small group of shoppers were snagging so many deals that not everyone was getting a chance to see the biggest discounts. To make sure everyone has an equal chance to get the best deals, we introduced limits on the amount of deals each shopper can snag at time. 


What happens if my promo code doesn’t work?

If you encounter any errors at checkout, you can report/flag it. You can report the product by going to your Orders > View Order > Report. Doing this will notify the Seller, once they fix it, you will also get a notification which is located at the upper right  part of your screen. 

If you still wish to get the deal, please contact us to let our customer service team know, we can remove the Snag from your account so you can re Snag it for another code.


What does the message "Daily limit has been reached" mean?

Daily limit is something our merchants use to spread out the deals they offer over a longer period of time. Each snag has its own reset period and becomes available on a rolling basis. For example if the daily limit is 2 and one unit gets snagged at 1pm and the second unit gets snagged at 2pm, one unit will become available in 24 hours at 1pm and the second unit will become available in 24 hours at 2pm.  We do it this way (instead of resetting at the same time each day) so that all users have equal chances of finding the deal when it becomes available.


Why do you ask for my phone number? Will you sell it?

Your information is not shared or sold, and will remain private within your account.

Phone number verification is in place to prove that you’re a real person. We do not allow the verification of VOIP numbers or landline phones, and are currently only compatible with valid US mobile numbers on a registered carrier. We will send a one-time verification text message with a unique code to your phone. Once you enter that code when prompted on signup. 

Aside from promotional emails, we also send cool deals via SMS. If you need to opt out of receiving SMS from us, you can reply STOP. 


Do merchants have access to my information?

Absolutely not. Per our Privacy Policy we don’t share any personal customer information.


Can I have more than one account?

We only allow one account per household. If we find that there are duplicate accounts within one household, we may suspend all accounts in question.


What if I change my mind on a Snag?

Please be 100% sure you intend to purchase an item before getting a Snag. When you snag an item, it prevents other shoppers from being able to get that deal, which is bad for your fellow shoppers and bad for the seller who is offering the deal. We can remove a snag from your account once, for a change of heart or failure to read the campaign. Any additional requests may result in penalties to your account.

For cashback deals, if you will not proceed with the rebate process, cancel, or return the product, please go to your Snagshout orders and tag the order as returned to avoid your account from getting flagged.


Does Snagshout work on international marketplaces?

Snagshout is only for shoppers on Amazon USA and other US based marketplaces like Walmart, and Etsy at the moment.


How does shipping work?

That depends on the seller. Items that are fulfilled by only receive free shipping if you have Amazon Prime, or if the total order is over $49.00. If it is shipped directly by a different seller, there may be a shipping cost, even if you have Amazon Prime. Please keep in mind that these are Amazon’s policies, so you can always use the “View on Amazon” button on each campaign to verify purchasing details.


What is Action cashback (also known as an Action Deal)?

Action cash back is a cash back (rebate) deal that requires a specific type of action to be completed and submitted to Snagshout before you are paid your cash back. Action cash deal types include: Lifestyle Photo, Video Review, Social Media, Review Surveys, Testimonials, and Market Research. Read more about these below, or jump to that section here.


How do I prove that I purchased a deal?

After purchasing the product on Amazon, we will give you a unique email address to forward your order confirmation email from Amazon for the order which looks like this: 

Every email address provided is specific for only one rebate Snag. No worries if your Amazon account email address or account name is different from your Snagshout details, as long as you forward (not copy or attach a screenshot) the actual confirmation email from Amazon, your Snag will get confirmed. You will receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes, verifying that it was done correctly.


How long do I have to purchase the item and confirm my cash back order after snagging it?

You have 1 hour after confirming the snag to purchase the product and forward your order confirmation email.

There are instances wherein Amazon will take hours, or sometimes days to send the email confirmation. You can always contact us at and attach a copy of receipt and provide the name of the product, so we can manually confirm your rebate Snag.


I accidentally confirmed the wrong order, how can I fix it?

If you accidentally forwarded the wrong email to us, please forward the correct order confirmation email to the unique rebate email address as soon as possible to fix it. You can also reach out to our Support Team at with any questions, and we will be happy to assist you.


What is acceptable for a "Lifestyle Photo" Action submission?

A Lifestyle Photo is a photo of you using the product. For example, if the snag is a tennis racket, a photo could be you holding the racket or playing tennis with it. For a dress it could be a photo of you (or a friend, family member, etc) wearing the dress. For makeup, a photo of you (or a friend or family member) wearing the makeup.


Unacceptable photo examples are: a photo of the item in its box, a photo of an article of clothing not being worn, a stock photo (we will catch stock photos that are submitted and subsequently terminate your account). We trust you to use good judgment and give an honest effort. If you have any questions, please visit or reach out to our Support Team!


What is acceptable for a "Video Review" Action submission?

A video of you using the product, or a video of you giving your thoughts of the product with the product in view. 


Unacceptable video examples are a video of the product in its box, a video talking about how this is a gift, or a video of you talking about the product without actually showing the product. If you have any questions, please visit or reach out to our Support Team!


What is acceptable for a "Social" Action?

All social Actions will have specific instructions of what is acceptable to the seller on the deal details page. 


What is a "Survey" Action type?

After completing the snag and receiving the product, you will be presented with a survey to fill out. This will appear on your Orders page, under the Manage Order button. On the survey, simply provide your honest opinions and feedback about the product. Please explain in as much detail as possible what you like and dislike about the product. Our sellers appreciate genuine feedback (good and bad) because it helps them learn what needs improvement.


You will be paid your rebate regardless of the score you give the product in the survey, and as long as the survey is filled out correctly (with a real and detailed response), you will be paid. If you have any questions, reach out to our Support Team!


What is a “Testimonial” action type?

This is a combination of a lifestyle photo and survey review. You should capture images with the product showing your progress or improvement while using it, and provide your genuine feedback for each image. 


Can I add more submissions for Actions?

Yes, if your Action type is video or photo, simply add the additional Actions and submit them. Please note that cash back is auto paid out 14 days after the Action is last updated, so this may delay your cash back payout by a few more days.


Am I required to leave Amazon reviews for cash back snags?

At Snagshout we strive to be fully Amazon TOS compliant, and getting any kind of a reward in exchange for writing a review is prohibited. As such, we highly encourage you to leave a review (because our sellers rely on reviews in order to compete with giant companies on Amazon), but we do not require a review for you to get your cash back, or to get any other deals on our platform.

However, we also have “off Amazon” deals, and sellers can require reviews depending on the marketplace. Currently, most of our off Amazon sellers are from Walmart, Etsy, the Apple store, and Google Play Store.

Can I combine promo codes and cash back?

No, adding a promo code to a cash back deal will result in a higher percentage of money being paid to you then what was intended by the seller and could cause your account to be suspended.


Can I use gift cards to purchase cash back deals?

As long as the product is fully purchased on Amazon (or whatever platform the deal is listed for) you can use whatever payment method  the platform accepts, including gift cards. However, please read the answer to the FAQ: “Can I return cash back orders?” below to avoid violating our terms of use.

Can I purchase any variation of the listing?

If a cash back deal has more than one variation, it should state in the deal description and/or photos whether the deal is for all variations or whether the deal is limited to just one variation. Generally, as long as the variation is of equal or higher price to what is shown in the Snagshout listing, it is acceptable.

However, if you have any questions or are uncertain, please reach out to our Support Team so that we can clarify with the merchant. It is always better to clarify before you snag the deal, instead of having to return the item to Amazon later.


What if there is an issue with the seller?

If the seller has any issue with your snag, the seller can mark the snag as Disputed. This may happen because the Order ID doesn’t show up, or because there is an issue with Action content you submitted (such as a photo submission that doesn't follow the submission guidelines). Once a snag is disputed, you will receive an email with the reasoning. From there, you can communicate with the seller and easily resolve the issue. 

If you are not able to resolve the issue with the seller, or if you believe a rule is being broken, you can escalate the case and our Support Team  will help resolve the issue.


Can I return cash back orders?

As long as you have not already been paid the cash back then yes, you can return an order. However, you must mark the snag as returned in Snagshout so that you are not paid the cash back. If you return or cancel an order and still allow the seller to pay you cash back, or if you return a cash back order after being paid your cash back, your Snagshout account will be terminated. You will not be allowed to rejoin our platform, and you will be liable to repay the money you received.


How can I cancel my account?

We hate to see you go.  But, please contact our customer service team if you wish to cancel your account.