Snagshout Shopper FAQ

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How It Works

How do I Snag a deal?

  1. Sign up for a Shopper account.  

  2. Verify your email

  3. Confirm your phone number

  4. Link and verify your Amazon account

  5. Pick your deal! Just click the "Snag It” button on the product page and Snag your first discount code.

  6. Use your Snag code at during checkout.


How should I use my coupon?

We always recommend using one promotional code per order, and to have only the Snagged product on a separate cart. Most codes are designed to override others, so combining them in one order may not give you the full discount. Codes generally only apply to the variation pictured on . Be sure to review the full campaign for any potential restrictions on the offering.

Why does snagshout ask shoppers to link their profiles?

Snagshout encourages shoppers to link their online profiles. By linking profiles, we can ensure that the best shoppers get access to your deals first. We can also prevent fraud and help protect our merchants.

Can I snag a deal I’ve received before? Can I use the code to buy multiple items?

In accordance with our Terms of Service, you may only snag a deal once, and you may only use that promotional code to purchase ONE of the item. Should we find that you are not following these rules, we do reserve the right to suspend your account.

When will my snags be back on my account?

Each snag is replenished every two days. As an example, if you have five snags available on your account, you could use one every day forever. Or, you could use two one day, and three the next, then receive two back after two days had passed (and the remaining three the next day). For when your next snag will be replenished, be sure to check your account settings.

What happens if my promo code doesn’t work?

If you encounter any errors at checkout, kindly Flag the product. The merchant will then be notified. You can Flag the product by clicking on "Orders" at the top, choose the product you want to Flag, click on "Flag Offer". Once the Seller fixes the issue, you will be getting a notification , then you can Snag the deal again for another code. Then, please contact us to let our customer service team know and we can remove the Snag from your account.

What does the message "Daily limit has been reached" mean?

Daily limit is something merchants use to spread out their snags and each snag has it's own reset period and becomes available on a rolling basis.  For example if the daily limit is 2 and one unit gets snagged at 1pm and the second unit gets snagged at 2pm one unit will become available in 24 hours at 1pm and the second unit will become available in 24 hours at 2pm.  We do it this way instead of resetting at the same time each day so that all users have equal chances of finding the deal when it becomes available.

Why do you ask for my phone number? Will you sell it?

Phone number verification is in place to prove that you’re a real person. We do not allow the verification of VOIP numbers or landline phones, and are currently only compatible with valid US mobile numbers on a registered carrier. We will send a one time verification text message with a unique code to your phone. Once you enter that code where prompted on , your phone number will not be used again. Your information is not shared or sold, and will remain private within your account.

Do merchants have access to my information on?

Absolutely not. Per our Privacy Policy we don’t share any personal customer information.

Can I have more than one account?

Sorry, no more that one account per household please. If we find that there are duplicate accounts within one household, we may suspend all accounts in question.

What if I change my mind on a Snag?

Please be 100% sure you intend to purchase an item before getting a Snag. Each Snag that isn’t used, keeps other shoppers from being able to get the deals. We can remove a snag from your account once, for a change of heart or failure to read the campaign. Any additional requests may result in penalties to your account.

Does work on international marketplaces?

is only for shoppers on Amazon USA.

How does shipping work?

That depends on the seller. Items that are fulfilled by only receive free shipping with Amazon Prime or if the total order is over $49.00. If it is shipped directly by a different seller, there may be a shipping cost. even if you have Amazon Prime. Please keep in mind that these are Amazon’s policies, so you can always use the “View on Amazon” button on each campaign to verify purchasing details.

How can I cancel my account?

We hate to see you go.  But, please contact our customer service team if you wish to cancel your account.

When will I be paid after snagging a rebate?

Rebates are paid 30 days after your order has been confirmed via PayPal. You must submit your proof of purchase to Snagshout before receiving your rebate.