Snagshout Merchant FAQ

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How do I get started?

It's very easy to get started offering your products on Snagshout once you’ve created your Business Account. Below, you can watch our instructional videos for how to create your campaign and even how to create promotional codes within Amazon. Once you’ve completed your campaign, it is submitted to our customer service team for approval. This may take up to 24 hours, depending on submission volume.

How can I add images to my campaign?

Merchants are able to add more images to campaigns within our Advanced editor only. Proceed to step one, under Media. Generally, we recommend using the “Image URL” option. You are able to upload from a personal computer, but the file size may be too large sometimes, causing errors within the campaign.

What is the difference between Express, Advanced, and Syndicated campaigns?

These are the different editors available within the campaign creation process. Our Express editor is the fastest, and is great if you’ve got a singular ASIN, and a file of one time use promotional codes ready to go. The Advanced editor gives you a bit more control over the campaign. You have the opportunity to add Child ASINs, images/videos, and more robust descriptions. You can also use both one time use and general use promotional codes. Our Syndicated editor gives you the opportunity to create an offer that can be shared across our partner networks for additional exposure. There are no quantity limits here, and you may only use a general use promotional code.

How should I list my product? What quantity? What discount?

There is no easy answer to these questions. Each product is different, and each business has different goals. Generally, we do see a bit more success with campaigns listed for 50% off or more. However, that’s not to say that products offered at lower discounts aren’t successful. Here at Snagshout, we always recommend starting on the conservative side of where you’re comfortable. Maybe you can afford a 75% discount, but you’d prefer to start at 50%. That’s perfectly fine! Finding the right combination does take some trial and error for each product.

Are there any restrictions on how I can offer my product?

Currently, there is no minimum or maximum on the quantity you need to offer within your campaigns. However, our minimum discount allowed is 20% off. Any campaigns for less than this discount will not be approved.

How do you charge?

Snagshout charges a monthly subscription, along with a fee which depends on how many campaigns you would like to actively offer at one time, and the type of campaign. Please be sure to check out our Pricing page for more detailed information on what each subscription offers. 

Is Snagshout available for international marketplaces?

Currently, Snagshout is only available for shoppers and merchants selling on Amazon US.

Why don’t my number of snags and number of orders match?

It is possible that a shopper can snag a promotional code, but not complete the purchase. If there is a large discrepancy, there may be an issue with the promotion created.

What is a "snag"?

A "snag" can be thought of as a code being distributed to a customer. If you upload 100 codes, that is potentially 100 snags, so budget accordingly. 

How do I create a campaign for my product?

To create your campaign you first need to create a promo code (or a set of one-time-use promo codes) on Amazon. After you create the promo code(s), you can create your campaign on Snagshout. It is very important that your start and end dates on your promo codes match the start and end dates of your Snagshout campaign.

We recommend following along with the videos below as you get started creating a new campaign on Snagshout.

Can a shopper snag my product more than once?

If your promotion was created incorrectly, yes. However, if you are sure to check the box (in Amazon promotion creation) that states "One Redemption Per Customer," a customer will not be able to purchase using a promo code more than once.

What causes a discrepancy in "Snags" and my overall quantity offered?

The discrepancy generally comes if a customer was unable to purchase the product or changed their mind at checkout. Once codes are distributed, they cannot be re-added to a campaign. If there is a large discrepancy, there may be an error with your campaign.

Can I offer a gift card to shoppers to buy my product?

You may not offer Amazon gift cards to our users.

Why does Snagshout ask shoppers to link their profiles?

Snagshout encourages shoppers to link their online profiles. By linking profiles, we can ensure that the best shoppers get access to your deals first. We can also prevent fraud and help protect our merchants. 

Why does my deal say it's live but I can't see it when I search for it / How does daily limit work?

With daily limit each snag has it's own reset period and becomes available on a rolling basis. For example if the daily limit is 2 and one unit gets snagged at 1pm and the second unit gets snagged at 2pm one unit will become available in 24 hours at 1pm and the second unit will become available in 24 hours at 2pm. We do it this way instead of resetting at the same time each day so that all users have equal chances of finding the deal when it becomes available.  Once a deal has reached it's daily limit it will be hidden from Snagshout until it is available again.

How can I learn more about growing a successful business online?

Most sellers struggle to achieve the results they crave because of one big reason: the Unknown Unknowns. In other words, you don't know what you don't know. So if you're new to ecommerce, want to push past your current plateau, or want new ways to earn more while working less, you may want to check out our Amazon FBA course. While some of the lesson materials are tailored for Amazon sellers (because three quarters of all ecommerce sales happen on Amazon), you'll learn the secrets to building a thriving online business anywhere. We hope to see you there!

I want to expand my business onto Amazon but don't have the time or expertise. Can Snagshout help?

Yes — if you have a brand with established demand, we offer full-service marketing help to get your product ranking on Amazon. This is under our Merchant-facing brand called Massview. This service is for brands who are already successful outside of Amazon, or you're having some success on Amazon but need some expert guidance to grow more successfully. If this sounds right for you, follow the link to learn more.